Water & Sewer

Completing work with our Partners

If a project requires a process in which we are not personally skilled at or do not have the proper equipment to complete we have a group of dependable contractors we partner with to make the project a success.

Wet Tapping for new water service

After the tapping sleeve has been applied, we attached the gate valve and make sure the site is ready for the wet tap contractor to come in and drill out and opening in the exsiting pipe to allow for water flow to the new service, without turning off the water in the existing line.

Antron Corporation - our partner

Antron Corp sends over one of their highly qualified technicians who then taps onto the valve with a specialty drill press and slowly starts to make his way through the pipes pvc wall.  He proceeds until the coupon (the circular piece of pipe cut out) has been recovered.  The valve is closed off and we then proceed.

New water line installed

Once the wet tap is complete, we then proceed to lay the pipe in trenches we have dug to the building.  Being careful to properly mark the pipe with tracer wire and underground marking tape so it can be found in the future for repair or addition of other services.

Bed the pipe in gravel

Now we bed the pipe in gavel to protect the pipe from moving around and getting crushed from above.   Once it is firmly bedded we will fill the rest of the trench with top soil and compact to even the grade of the ground.